Term Limits

Since before the inception of our nation, the political class, known back then as statesmen, were not full time public servants. They were writers, farmer, plantation owners, inventors, men of industry. They came to Philadelphia and later Washington DC to legislate and solve the problems of the day and then go home to return to their families, manage their businesses and earn the bulk of their money. They were not paid for the time away from the capital or perks only reserved for the elite few.

Over time statesmen turned into politicians. Politicians became more interested in getting reelected than serving the people’s interest and that has gotten us were we are today. Trillion of dollars in debt making modern day slaves to ever single American, present and future.

Politicians who got to college for Government for the sole purpose of becoming a politician. Not a Construction worker, not a business man, not a farmer and not some one who lives with the consequences of the political classes choices.

When politicians are in office more than 10 years they are less effective in their ability to come up with better ways manage the budget or come up solution to fix road, schools, or other reforms that need to be done.

Term limits have become essential to keep the next generation of citizens involved and inspired to come up with better solutions for our state and our nation.

My Solutions for career politicians;

  1. Limit the number of terms to three (3) for State Senate and six (6) for State Legislators for a total of 12 years of service. If a politician want to continue to serve they must run for another position.
  2. Reform campaign finance to limit total funds raised and spent to 30,000 for any position. This will keep the special interest limited in how much they can spend on any one candidate.

Lower Taxes, More Freedom, Pure Liberty

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