Economy, Jobs and Taxes

The states Economy and Jobs are two topics that go hand in hand. As it gets tougher and tougher to make ends meet we are faced with choice of making cuts to our personal budgets or we work harder and longer hours to achieve a better life, to able to put food on the table, to keep a roof over our heads, and to heat our homes.

With better jobs opportunities come higher pay, comes better chances to save, and advance our lives. Or taking the ultimate risk and start your own business. Economic liberty works for every one. The Free Market is Economic Liberty

If people don’t take the ultimate risk and become Entrepreneur do to over taxation and regulations just to regulate, which we have, we have a declining section of people who are willing to invest in our state. With out these people we are reliant, more and more on large corporation to supply jobs to the increasing working poor of this state.
This can be seen between Spokane/Spokane Valley and Post Falls/Coeur D’Alene. Post Falls and Coeur D’Alene are building and expanding as they have pro business mentality of economic liberty. Even more closely you can see this between Spokane and Spokane Valley were the Valley is pro business with lower taxes, positive economic growth, and a more prosperous community. Spokane needs to have a completely different modal of thinking than what we currently do. Washington needs to have a completely different mindset than what we do right now.

All of these things can be and have been directly effected by governmental regulation, mandates and taxes.

So how do we make the economy better in Spokane and through out Washington?

  1. Make Washington more attractive to any and all types of business by reducing and eliminating useless taxes like the B&O tax which targets business that do high volumes of business/sales and go to a flat tax system were no loop hole can be exploited by companies like Microsoft and Boeing. Companies like this get special tax breaks that the rest of the state does not get.

  2. The legislature will make an active effort to seek out small, medium, large companies and encourage small local entrepreneurs to come and settle in the Spokane and Spokane county.

  3.  Reduce state sales and gas tax so working families can actually do more than just survive.

  4. The legislator must stop growing the size of the state government and allow people to take control in their local communities to set rules and regulations that fits each community.

Update 2/15/2015; As I am opening my business and trying to diversify my income streams from, Construction Management, to a Real Estate Broker, to Home Inspection, and doing remodels and new construction.

While in the process of doing my research I found out as I am preparing my self to get my Home Inspectors license could cost in excess of $8,000.00. That includes $3500.00 for 120 hour class plus 40 hours of ride along. Then you have to pay to get to where ever the classes are held, stay in a hotel and eat. Then if you pass all of that then you still need to pay up to $450.00 for testing. But wait we are still not done it then cost another $640.00 for the license. This is all very regulated by Washington State. Then after that you still need your business license, and insurance.
Now compared to going out to become a building inspector one might think that being a building inspector would be some outrageous amount of money as they are part of the local government structure, right?

WRONG, to become a building inspector all one has to do is study the material, which for the first book is about a 160.00, which includes a one year membership. Last you must study for and take the test that could cost up to $150.00. Total cost – $310.00.

This is the difference between private sector and public sector could not be more clear.

Does the state not want people to create businesses?

Does a politician, who says he is “co-owner” (co-owner being 5%) of a business, not know how hard it is just to open a business let alone run a business, to make it successful, to pay your suppliers, to pay their employees, to give back to the community and still, yes, turn a profit so they can expand, venture in to new areas?

Because a man who went to school for “Government” only knows one thing. That “government” is what the people need. Not People needing people. People helping people.

It is time for a proper change Spokane. A proper change to a small government conservative. A struggling business owner. A man who knows what it means to barely make it. Who has lived from pay check to pay check. Has been broke and destitute and relied on the kindness of his friends and family until he got back on his feet.

Spokane, how has voting for an establishment politician helped you? Are your lives any better? No?
I ask you for your vote.

Lower Taxes, More Freedom, Pure Liberty

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