About James R. Apker

I am the son of a construction worker and an elementary school instructional aid. I grew up in Montana, California and Washington. My mother was born in California and is of Mexican decent. My father was born in Ione, Washington and considered Washington State home, even after serving his country abroad in the early 1960’s and living in many different states.

My parents taught me to always keep three things clean: your driving record; your credit; and, your reputation. Along with this my parents instilled in me to keep my word, not to lie, not to take things personally, to always work hard and do my best no matter what.

I have been a resident of Spokane, Snohomish, Cowlitz, and Douglas counties. I have experienced a lot of what of our great state has to see and offer in the last 26 years. Further, I realized that Washington, and more specifically Spokane, is more than just a great place to live, work, play, and raise a family… it is a great place to call my home.

I received my higher education in this great state with an Associate of Arts Degree from Spokane Community College in Network Engineering, and an Associate of Arts degree from Edmonds Community College in Construction Management.

At Spokane Community College I served as a Senator to the student body where I learned the hard work that’s involved in fighting for the people and programs I represented. I took the approach of asking students and their program directors how I could make their lives better, easier, or what they needed to succeed on campus. Which was not ever done until that moment.

I set about working my hardest to try & deliver what they needed. It wasn’t always easy with the board of regents saying that there was nowhere in the charter to get the student body some basic amendments, but I continued to do my best, and soon realized that board was not interested in the students as much as the easy grant money and their political agenda.

While at Edmonds Community College I familiarized myself with state regulations, contracts, and both the RCW and the WAC (Revised Code Of Washington, and Washington Administrative Code, respectively). I was frustrated with both how the laws were written, and the ambiguity and lack of functionality of these documents.I started to understand why it takes 21 years to get a permit to open a mine.

After college I worked in construction, and as an installer for Dish Network and Directv subcontractors and am now taking the ultimate risk and opening my own business. Hope Construction Management and Consulting is a firm where we walk home owners who want to do their own projects but don’t know where to start. We walk the home owner through permits, what needs a permit, what their budgets are, what they can afford with their budget, scheduling and time lines, what contractors to use and when to ensure We also review other contractors work for completeness and correctness based on the building code.

During that time I have watched private citizens and small towns alike struggle with state regulations, fees and taxes to open, own and operate businesses. I’ve watched Democrats and Republican alike fail, at both the federal and state level, because they continue to forget that it is the people who are their bosses. And now I am tired of watching our state become more cumbersome with over regulations, fees, and wasteful or misdirected spending. It’s time to introduce people who can bridge the divide between Republican and Democrats. Time to ensure that Freedom, Liberty and both Federal and State Constitutions are not overrun, taken for granted, or simply stuffed in the drawer and ignored. The People rely on those rules; those laws that protect the people from the governments overreaching and intrusion into their lives. We have 147 people who, in my opinion, do not get the fundamentals of who they serve or who they answer to… the People of Washington State. This is where I come in and, also, the reason why I am running for office.


Lower Taxes, More Freedom, Pure Liberty

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