Welcome To Elect James R. Apker.

Welcome to Elect James R. Apker.

It has been 18 month since I last ran for office and it is a perilous time for our nation, our state and our community. We are seeing that more and more of our freedoms and liberties are being diminished, suppressed and even eliminated. The Progressive agenda is full swing with President Barack Obama, Governor Jay Inslee and Senator Andy Billig leading from behind. With every law written and passed they have more of a strangle hold on our homes, our money and our lives. This must come to a swift and proper end were we restore Freedom and liberty and we can do it!

I am running for the position of Senator here in Spokane’s 3rd District and Spokane is in desperate need of a small government conservative who will protect our constitutional right with veracity, passion, and determination.

I have said it many times and it makes no more true yesterday then as it does today. We lack real leadership from our current representative and senators to preserve our liberties. Many people think they know what true Liberty is, but like many of you, I didn’t know what exactly how to articulate it or even comprehend the truth behind true liberty.

With that being said I have been asked why I chose the Libertarian Party over the Republican Party as I walk like, talk like, and act like small government constitutional Republican Conservative.

The reason is simple.

The Establishment Republican Party, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan,┬áJohn Boehner, 7th District Representative Joel Kretz, and some in the Spokane County Republican Party do not act like, talk like, or even walk like a small government conservative. Instead they are, in fact, Progressives. The very thing that Andy Billig, Jay Inslee, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Harry Reid are. They are all about big Government, centralized power, massive slave debt, party power play voting and the destruction of our freedoms and liberties. I can not follow that line of thinking or action. This is the reason why I am part of the Libertarian Party of Washington State and the reason why I am running for Spokane’s 3rd Legislative District Senator. I am here and will shrink the size of government, decentralize power back to the local communities, reduce the debt and follow the constitution. All while restoring our freedom and liberties for all Washingtonians.

Lower Taxes, More Freedom, Pure Liberty